Serving the Concord area since September of 2009, Barks & Bubbles Inc. offers full service spa experiences for your pets! We provide excellent care to meet all of your baby's grooming needs. We also strive to accommodate any special needs and requirements as much as possible.

Our groomers offer decades of experience in the field. We've seen it all! Many different breeds have come through our doors, so we can do breed specific clips or keep it simple. Our employees can also show you how to maintain your pet's appearance at home as well as keep you up to date on any issues we find. Groomers are often the first to see health changes, so we will make sure to let you know about anything we've noticed. For a few hours, they are our babies too, so we want to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Our salon also uses a partially cage-free environment! Most of our dogs are allowed to roam the shop, which gives them time to play and socialize. Gates and doors are used to keep them safe and contained. We also offer playpens and kennels for dogs who need or want them as well as per owner request. Some little doggies just do better away from the shenanigans!

We require that all dogs and cats are up to date on their rabies vaccinations. All other vaccines are at your discretion.

We have no breed or age restrictions. Every puppy is welcome at Barks & Bubbles.


Meet the Team

Carol Wyrick, owner


Grooming since 1994

Furbaby: Little Bit aka LB (small mix), Mater (plott mix)

Erica, groomer/manager

Grooming since 2011

At B&B since 2016

Furbabies: Oliver and Huck (cats)

Specialty: aggressive dogs, cats

Joy, groomer/manager

Grooming since 2012

At B&B since 2018

Furbaby: Diesel (cattle dog mix)

Specialty: aggressive dogs

April, groomer

Grooming since 1995

At B&B since 2013

Furbaby: Max (cavachon)


Grooming since 2020
At B&B since 2018

Furbabies: Torvi and Freya (pit bulls), Nola (dachshund), Mama Cat and Floki (cats)

Hannah, groomer

Grooming since 2020
At B&B since 2019

Furbabies: Mitzi (dachshund mix), Lilo (boston mix)

Ava, groomer

Grooming since 2013
At B&B since 2021

Furbabies: Appa Papa (standard poodle), Sadie Mae and Uncle Iroh (retriever/mastiff mixes), Michael Makaveli and Zinky Minky (ex-street cats)

Allie, groomer

Grooming since 2015
At B&B since 2021

Furbabies: Panzer and Leia (German shepherds), Valkyrie (pit bull), Kierra (husky), Lyric (shiba inu)

Aimee, groomer

Grooming since 2018
At B&B since 2020

Furbabies: Rebel and Luna (cats)