Serving the Concord area since September of 2009, Barks & Bubbles Inc. offers full service spa experiences for your pets! We provide excellent care to meet all of your baby's grooming needs. We also strive to accommodate any special needs and requirements as much as possible.

Our groomers offer decades of experience in the field. We've seen it all! Many different breeds have come through our doors, so we can do breed specific clips or keep it simple. Our employees can also show you how to maintain your pet's appearance at home as well as keep you up to date on any issues we find. Groomers are often the first to see health changes, so we will make sure to let you know about anything we've noticed. For a few hours, they are our babies too, so we want to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Our salon also uses a partially cage-free environment! Most of our dogs are allowed to roam the shop, which gives them time to play and socialize. Gates and doors are used to keep them safe and contained. We also offer playpens and kennels for dogs who need or want them as well as per owner request. Some little doggies just do better away from the shenanigans!

We require that all dogs and cats are up to date on their rabies vaccinations. All other vaccines are at your discretion.

We have no breed or age restrictions. Every puppy is welcome at Barks & Bubbles.


Meet the Team

Carol Wyrick


I am the proud owner of Barks & Bubbles Inc. I started grooming in 1994, and I still love what I do! I live in Kannapolis with with my husband and daughter and our two senior furbabies. Owning your own business is rewarding, but I am especially grateful for the support of my wonderful clients and of the great team I've built. Even when I'm not at work, I know all of our babies will be groomed by experts who love what they do!


Initially, I started grooming just because I was working as a bather, but I discovered that I really love my work! I started as a bather in 2010 and went to grooming school in 2011. I definitely found my work family when I joined the Barks & Bubbles team in February of 2016. My specialty is difficult dogs - I like to take on the aggressive ones - and I'm the resident cat groomer. I'm very good at handling both, but yes, I've been bit. It happens but they can't scare me off! I have three adorable cats at home - Annie, Oliver, and Huck.


I've been with Carol since 2013 - we've worked together for forever it seems. I've been grooming since 1995. My favorite thing about grooming is seeing my favorite clients over and over. The part I'm really good at is being calm and having patience. I keep my head even when the salon is super busy, My husband and I live in Concord and we have two kids - one boy and one girl. We also have a cavachon named Max who comes to the shop everyday. Keep an eye out for his colorful mohawk!


I've been with Barks & Bubbles since June of 2017, and it's been the best working environment by far! I've also been grooming exactly the same about of time as Erica because we trained together! I think the best and worse thing about my job is when we get a baby who is in bad shape, such as from the rescues we work with. It's sad to see them like that, but I get to make it all better! Not only do they look good, but I know I've made them feel better too, and that's very rewarding for me. At home, I'm a mommy to a beautiful little girl and I have a little fluffy dog and a big ol' pit bull.


I've worked many jobs as an adult, including a veterinary assistant, but I keep coming back to grooming! It's so wonderful to take a dirty dog and make them beautiful again! I have a big soft spot in my heart for the geriatric dogs. Those elderly pups are still wicked awesome. I'm originally from Massachusetts so all the best things are wicked. My husband is a middle school teacher and we have two little girls, a kitten named Jack White, and a chihuahua named Jethro. I love me some rock-n-roll! (Especially from the eighties.)


I was a manager at Petsmart but when Erica offered me a job here, I jumped at it. I love the vibe of this shop. It's busy and happy and I'm glad I joined the team. I would say that my special skill is working with nervous or stressed out dogs. I'm really good at talking dogs off the ledge, so to speak. The groom goes much smoother and easier once I calm them down! The goofball in my picture is my daughter Macy, who's my favorite mini-me. I have a pit bull named Deuce at home too.


I'm one of Carol's hardworking bathers! I've been bathing for several years and I also have a vet tech license. I'm the go to when one of my coworkers finds something weird. Nothing can gross me out! The best part of my job is playing with the big ol' meatheads - pit bulls, boxers, rottweilers, the beefier, the better! My dogs Sniffles and Charlie are two of the Barks & Bubbles shop dogs. Sniffles found me a few years ago and has been my best friend ever since and Charlie joined our family last year. Make sure you check out Sniffles's goofy grin the next time you come in!


I am another one of Barks & Bubbles bathers. Crystal, Amanda, and I work great together and it's so satisfying to see all those clean and happy dogs running around the shop. I have a beautiful baby boy at home as well as my dog, Darla. She was supposed to be a foster until she was healthy enough for adoption, but she's here to stay. I also have a snake but he doesn't come to the shop with me! I'm glad I have a job I love!